Health, Well-being and Happiness for Young People

New Cards Coming Soon From Brook

We are pleased to announce that Brook, the leading sexual health charity for young people, will publish a new conversation card deck to help young people talk about Health, Wellbeing and Happiness.

The cards are to be called My Life, My Way – Health, Wellbeing and Happiness Conversations with Young People will be written by Helen Corteen, head of Wellbeing at Brook with support from Simon Blake, the Chief Executive.

Brook is the leading charity specialising in sexual health and well being, and have been working with young people on the issues that are important to them for them for more than 50 years. Their mission is to enable all young people to enjoy their sexuality without harm.

Brook already have a series of tools and programmes for young people, including two packs of Fink Cards, so I am delighted to be working with Brook again.

Simon Blake from Brook explains why they are focussing on health, happiness and well being, “In the 21st Century it is important that young men and young women develop the self confidence, self belief, determination and resilience to navigate their way through the ups and downs of modern living. Too often we do not pay enough attention to having good quality conversations with young people about their health, well being and happiness, these cards will open up conversations in a way that is relevant and meaningful to their lives.”

This new pack, My Life, My Way, Health, Well Being and Happiness Conversations with Young People, will be published by Fink Cards in March 2015.

To find out more about Brook, you can visit their website.

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Author Bio - Lisa Warner, Founder of Fink Cards

Lisa Warner, one part of the Family Communication Duo, is an energetic and passionate ball of energy, whose excitement and enthusiasm know no bounds. Her drive and belief in doing the impossible has been rewarded when her mission to get families talking led her to found the incredibly successful Fink Cards and won her the title of Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Her contagious positive outlook regularly see her appearing on the radio, in newspapers and magazines where she will happily talk about the importance of good family communication. The entrepreneur, activist and energiser's proudest achievement to date is creating a strong and happy marriage and raising 4 confident and sociable teenagers.

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