Lisa Warner

Lisa Warner is an enthusiastic and positive personality and a mother to four children. She is on a mission to get families talking and believes that great family communication strengthens relationships and enables parents to raise confident, positive and sociable children.

Lisa Warner Fink Cards

She founded Fink Cards (Family Interaction Nurtures Kids) in September 2008 to produce a range of products that start conversations. Within a year Lisa and her products had sold worldwide and been featured regularly in national media, including Chris Evan’s  BBC Radio 2 show, Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, plus numerous magazine and newspapers articles, including She, Prima, Grazia and The Sunday Express.

Lisa and the Fink brand received further recognition when she won Female Entrepreneur of the year in the O2X Awards and became the only UK finalist in the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards.

Once a teen mum and housewife, turned entrepreneur, Lisa is a believer in human potential, she has an inspirational and motivational spirit.