About Us

We Believe Talking Can Save The World

A good conversation can solve a community's problems, nurture the next generation and have an impact on society. Fink's mission is to start those conversations.

We want to enable better conversations across generations for individuals, families, schools, organisations and communities.


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Fink (Family Interaction Nurtures Kids) was founded in September 2008 by mother of 4, Lisa Warner. After Lisa created a simple conversation card game to stop her children arguing at mealtimes, the business was launched to help other families to start fun and engaging conversations in times of need.Since then, Fink has grown to help families from around the world to engage in great conversations and to help children become more confident communicators.Fink has gone on to provide a wide variety of question cards that have specifically been developed to support and help children and families in matters of health, education as well as every day situations in the home.

It is Lisa’s mission to get people talking about the things that are really important. 

Lisa says “We wanted to create a business that was not just about profit – we believe Fink is a simple idea with ENORMOUS capabilities. Some people find talking easy, others don’t! We want to help people get the ball rolling – it’s not rocket science, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!” 


Female Entrepreneur of the Year at the O2X Awards and became the only UK finalist in the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. Fink has also been featured on TV and radio shows including, Chris Evan’s BBC Radio 2 show, Radio 4’s Women’s Hour and numerous magazine and newspaper articles including, She, Prima, Grazia and The Sunday Express. Thousands of people around the world have used Fink conversation cards to create fun, quality, positive conversations to improve and enhance their children’s conversational skills.


We ask the questions that create meaningful and purposeful conversations. 

Through our products we offer easy and effective solutions to many of today's modern life challenges.

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