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Music is Medicine

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Music can greatly improve the quality of our lives.

Whilst undergoing medical treatment, music can impact your mood, aid relaxation, recovery and healing, and tap into the energy you will need for the challenges to come. 

48 Questions to help people with serious medical conditions choose music to

  • help manage thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • help cope through diagnosis and treatment
  • aid healing and recovery

Music is strongly linked to life events and experiences that define who we are. Music can transport us to a particular time or place and release strong emotions. It can calm and soothe us or motivate us and help us to find energy and drive. Music can greatly improve the quality of our lives.

These cards are designed for a variety of uses which all serve to develop and enhance person centred relationships and practices.

 The cards are divided into four colour coded categories

  • Calm
  • Positive
  • Feelings
  • Spirituality

Music is Medicine is written by John Osborne.

John has spent over 35 years as a provider of health and social care in both the public and private sectors. As a talented musician he combined his experience of caring and music to create ‘Soundtrack to My Life’, a music book for people with dementia. In 2012 it won a national care award for innovation.  John is also the author of Soundtrack to My Life Fink Cards, and has developed other ‘Music in Care’ tools including end of life, carers and young people. Following his own experience of fighting a rare form of cancer he developed Music and Medicine for people dealing with medical treatment.

In 2012 he established JoCo Learning & Development to develop and deliver ‘Music in Care’ training for health and social care staff. John is a passionate believer that high quality care is a right and not a privilege.

Fink is passionate about conversation. We are on a mission to get people talking about the things that matter. We help families, schools, organisations and health care professionals start important conversations.

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