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Coaching Conversations for Teachers

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Start Insightful Coaching Conversations About Classroom Management

A toolkit for teaching professionals, based on a coaching model

Start coaching conversations with students, peers and the senior leadership team.

48 Questions to help you 

  • develop good practice in the learning environment
  • share ideas and collaborate
  • during performance management discussions

Classroom Management Coaching Cards and Facilitator’s Handbook is a toolkit for teaching professionals, based on a coaching model.

Coaching Conversations for Teachers provide fundamental questions around key aspects of teacher training which enable teaching staff to engage in insightful, productive conversations
about things that matter in education.

We have designed these tools to help teachers develop good practice in the learning environment, as well as providing a vehicle for continuing professional development by means of the tried and tested coaching model to support all aspects of training and learning.

Coaching Conversation for Teachers allows teachers of all levels of experience, to share ideas, and collaborate, as well as promote (amongst other things) personal development.

Coaching Conversations for Teachers can be utilised by all key stages and by teachers of all levels of experience.

This pack contains 48 powerful, open questions around key aspects of teaching, supported by a facilitator’s handbook containing powerful tips and constructive case studies to enable staff to engage in insightful, productive conversations about classroom management to improve the classroom experience.

 The cards and facilitator's guide are divided into four categories

  • Organisation
  • Tactics
  • Respect
  • Discipline

Coaching Conversations for Teachers is written by Jean Ramsey

Jean is a recently retired teacher and education coach with over 30 years’ experience across all phases. She is still passionate about improving classroom practice and empowering all teachers and support staff to be the best that they can be.

Coaching Conversations for Teachers is published by Joula Publishing, a sister company to Fink Cards. Joula's mission is to publish tools that will effectively impact teaching and learning using a coaching framework.

Fink is passionate about conversation. We are on a mission to get people talking about the things that matter

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