Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy

On the 21st August 2011, Sarah Murphy was working as a high school teacher, when her brother was killed in a sudden, unprovoked attack.

Since then she has campaigned for victim’s rights; working with the Victim’s Commissioner to help bring about the “Victim’s Right to Review” and challenging the way the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority handles victim’s claims for financial compensation.

She has collaborated with a number of high profile charities such as Escaping Victimhood and Victim Support to highlight some of the many issues that victims face, and is currently working on ways to improve the experiences of victims during the inquest procedure.

She no longer works as a teacher but uses her experience in education to give talks about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the devastating effect it has on victim’s lives.

Sarah has since trained as a natural healthcare practitioner and writes widely about the subject of health. In addition to her work for victim’s charities, she is currently in the process of setting up a practice to empower people living with PTSD to take charge of their wellbeing using natural therapies, nutrition, breathing techniques and gentle exercise.

Sarah is the author of Talking About Trauma, which was published in July 2015.