Jane Evans

Jane Evans has been working with families with complex needs relating to early childhood trauma for over 2 decades and believes it is important to be able to unpick and understand all the ‘whys’ in child-parent relationships and in parenting. ‘Why does she/he do that to annoy me? Why are they so difficult? Why do I always end up shouting? Why can’t I stay calm?’

As a passionate advocate of there being an understanding of the impact of early childhood trauma in all areas of our lives, Jane speaks and trains around the World. In simple ways she offers insight into how the brain develops when stressed and scared and why we need to parent differently to break the cycle of trauma in family life.

Jane has written 2 books for to be for young children who have lived with domestic violence and emotional neglect, they are fantastic storybooks but also useful tools for parents, carers and professionals to feel more confident about addressing early trauma by exploring names for feelings. Her work with traumatised families has also featured in Channel 5’s documentary ‘My Violent Child’.

Jane is the author of Parenting Impacted by Trauma.

Parenting is the hardest thing most people do, it can be made harder if a parent grew up experiencing harsh parenting, domestic abuse, emotionally unavailable parents/carers or parental mental illness. These cards offer opportunities to gently explore this and to relate it to their own parenting capacity and daily experiences.