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 Life is so busy we forget to stop and create special moments!

These conversation cards are a simple way to get all generations talking. It's a wonderful way to appreciate your mum and create memories that will last a life time.

Fink Cards Mums edition contains 48 brilliant question cards to get Mums and their children talking. The pack is split into two halves – half of the questions are for mum and the other for the children. There are no complicated rules to play, simply pick a card and ask a question and start talking.

Sample Questions

What are your hopes and dreams for me?

What events have shaped your life?

What sort of mother did you think you would be?

Fink Cards Mums edition makes a meaningful gift for Birthdays and Mothers Day; it’s also fun to play at family gatherings and celebrations.

Great for mums and children of all ages, have fun and find out something new about each other.

Did you know?

The UK is currently experiencing a rise in the number of children with speech difficulties; in some areas over 50% of children starting school are unable to communicate. But this isn’t due special educational need; experts blame the growing problem on the death of conversation in the home.

Being a good communicator is a skill that can have the most impact on a child’s life chances, it is vital for them to reach their potential.

Fink is passionate about conversation. We are on a mission to get people talking about the things that matter. We help families, schools, organisations and health care professionals start important conversations.

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