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Manage Money With Confidence 

Start Money Conversations at Home and at School

48 questions to help children and young people

  • start conversations about money
  • understand their money preferences
  • develop the confidence to talk about money
  • develop the knowledge to make sound financial decisions
  • explore different perspectives

This edition of Fink Cards helps children and young people learn how to managetheir current money situation and helps them consider their financial future.

In a modern world, it is important that everyone has an understanding of personal money management.

Learning about money gives young adults a sense of confidence and the knowledge to make sound financial decisions.

Fink Money Talks edition allows children and young people to contribute their own experience and opinions, and feel listened to. It provides an opportunity to explore different perspectives.

Money doesn’t have to be a taboo subject – let’s get talking about it!

Written by Stuart Fleming who is passionate about boosting confidence, and believes a healthy dose of financial literacy goes a long way towards that.

As a facilitator and trainer, Stuart brings teams to life. He shows people how to work to their strengths whilst valuing the diversity that surrounds them.

 Stuart is fascinated by the power money holds over people, and loves sharing concepts with teenagers and young adults to help them consider alternative ways of thinking about and managing their finances.

Fink is passionate about conversation. We are on a mission to get people talking about the things that matter. We help families, schools, organisations and health care professionals start important conversations.

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