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Healthy Relationships for Couples

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Healthy Relationships Don't Just Happen 

Start Great Conversations 

48 questions to help couples

  • improve their relationship
  • talk about things that matter
  • understand each other

Everyone wants and deserves a healthy relationship but healthy relationships don't just happen, they need working at!  

This edition of Fink Cards helps couples improve the quality of their relationships and talk about things that matter

Good communication is an essential element to a happy and healthy relationship and it is essential for couples keep conversation interesting to prevent relationships from getting stale and tired.

When talking and curiosity stop then relationships can start to feel boring.  Assumptions, second-guessing and not communicating all lead to dis-ease in relationships.

Challenging, enquiring and being curious, along with the ability to empathise, be supportive and listen can facilitate healthy relationships.

Use these cards to stimulate ideas, understanding and empathy so you can strengthen and grow your relationship.

Written by Denise Knowles, a relationship counsellor, psychosexual and family therapist.  She is also a trainer and clinical supervisor with over 23 years of experience working with Relate Northamptonshire and in private practice. 

Denise believes communication is key - not just talking, she believes listening is equally important too.

Keep creating interest in the relationship and it will become healthier and happier.

Fink is passionate about conversation. We are on a mission to get people talking about the things that matter. We help families, schools, organisations and health care professionals start important conversations.

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Can I pay by Purchase Order?

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